Cadet Corporal Jacob Sparke

Cadet Corporal Jacob Sparke

Short introduction about yourself?
Hi my name is Jacob, I'm 17 and a student of Whitebridge high school. Im interested in robotic electrical and mechanical engineering and enjoy archery and shooting as sports.

Why did you join the AAFC?
I initially joined because a friend convinced me to, my friend doesn't do cadets anymore but i have continued on because I enjoy the discipline, the responsibility, the pride and the activities the AAFC has to offer.

What activities are you Favourite?
Range days are always my favourite. I always feel calm tension while on the range and enjoy the discipline and responsibility while using a firearm, along side feeling focused and clear headed before taking a shot.

Describe one of your Favourite Moments in the AAFC
My favourite moment was the first time i was on Catafalque party (Catafalque party is a flight of four that performs traditional drill movements around a cenotaph on ceremonial occasions). Training was tough but motivated me to do better every lesson. On ANZAC day, when I was standing with my party around the Rathmines memorial, I felt a strong sense of duty, honour and pride.

What do you aspire to become in the AAFC?
I aspire to become someone that is helpful and other cadets can count on and trust.

What do you Find Hardest about the AAFC?
I don't find anything in particular to be the hardest, rather everything is equally challenging to me, but I always try my best to do what I can.

Do you have Anything to tell Potential Cadets?
Give everything a try somethings you will find you will enjoy but some things might not be your cup of tea. Regardless of whether you like it or not, the experience is for life whether you stick with it or not.

What do you hope to take away from your AAFC experience?
Everything. The soft skills the practical knowledge and the experiences.

How has the AAFC Changed you?
My time in the AAFC has definitely changed me into a more confident leader and gave me the skills to assess situations form many different angles.

Is there Anything you Wish you Knew before you Joined the AAFC?
No, I don't think so. There isn't anything that i felt lost with when I first joined and everything I needed to know about cadets was always taught or could be found out by other cadets or staff.

Is there anything else you do outside of cadets
Outside of cadets I do archery, Engineering, software development, public speaking lessons and function organising.

Has the AAFC helped with your schooling
The AAFC has helped with my schooling in how it's improved my organisation and how I approach tasks.