How To Join

Enrol as a Cadet

If you are interested in joining 361SQN AAFC, please contact us for details about our enrolment procedures. You will receive application forms and an overview of what is expected of you.

What will I do and what will I learn?

As a cadet, you’ll be offered inspiring and challenging military-like experiences. You will learn valuable life and work skills that may open up new possibilities, opportunities and career options.

As a cadet you will:
  • Be part of a team and gain team building skills
  • Develop leadership and survival skills
  • Make new friends and have fun
  • Experience challenges
  • Learn to take responsibility
  • Take part in physical education activities.
As a cadet you’ll learn about:
  • Aviation
  • Leadership
  • Self-discipline
  • Safe weapons handling
  • Fieldcraft
  • First aid
  • Drill and ceremonial
  • Communications and navigation skills
  • Band activities.

Learn about aviation through flying, gliding, aerospace studies, communications and navigation, air traffic control, aeromodelling, aircraft engineering, orienteering and map reading.

316SQN meet weekly (during school terms) on Thursday Nights from 6pm to 9:30pm.

316SQN also conduct training on weekends throughout the year.

During school holidays, you can be involved in bivouacs and other specialist courses conducted at Air Force bases.

How do I get promoted?

All new cadets are recruits and have the opportunity to be promoted through the ranks after they successfully complete each training stage. Cadets are then required to attend specific training courses for each rank above Leading Cadet.

Cadets have the following promotion pattern:
  • Cadet (CDT)
  • Leading Cadet(LCDT)
  • Cadet Corporal (CCPL)
  • Cadet Sergeant (CSGT)
  • Cadet Flight Sergeant (CFSGT)
  • Cadet Warrant Officer (CWOFF)
  • Cadet Under Officer(CUO)

What about uniforms, equipment and contributions?

Becoming a cadet means you can try challenging and amazing activities that are partly paid for by the Australian Government through the AAFC.

Although you can leave at any point, we encourage newcomers to recognise the financial investment being made in them, and commit to remaining a cadet for a reasonable amount of time.

The AAFC provides uniforms and most equipment. On camps, most equipment is provided by Defence, however you may need to provide additional gear such as a sleeping bag . All uniforms and equipment must be returned on leaving the AAFC.

Squadrons generally ask for a weekly or annual subscription to help with running expenses. For most bivouacs and courses, you are asked for a small contribution to help cover expenses not met by Defence.

Requirements to become a cadet

The following conditions must be met before you can become a cadet:

  • The AAFC will accept an application for enrolment from an applicant upon reaching the age of 12 years and 6 months. Acceptance of an application does not constitute enrolment as the applicant must be 13 years of age to be enrolled in the Australian Air Force Cadets;
  • not attained the age of 18 years;
  • have parental or guardian permission to enrol;
  • be a person ordinarily resident in Australia;
  • be sufficiently fit and capable of carrying out the normal duties and activities of a cadet in the AAFC. The applicant is to declare any known medical conditions at the time of application in order to assist the CO in the determination of suitability for enrolment and, if required by the CO, undergo a medical examination (at own expense);
  • provide written parental or guardian permission for a qualified medical practitioner to anaesthetise and operate on the cadet in an emergency;
  • not be a member of either the Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) or the Australian Army Cadets (AAC), unless such membership is compulsory;
  • not be a Defence member; and
  • make a commitment in writing that they have read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct at Vol 2, Part 1, CH10 – Behaviour Management.

Application forms

Applicants must fully complete an on line application form at the following link: