What We Do

What will I do and what will I learn?

As a cadet, you’ll be offered inspiring and challenging military-like experiences. You will learn valuable life and work skills that may open up new possibilities, opportunities and career options.

As a cadet you will:
  • Be part of a team and gain team building skills
  • Develop leadership and survival skills
  • Make new friends and have fun
  • Experience challenges
  • Learn to take responsibility
  • Take part in physical education activities.
As a cadet you’ll learn about:
  • Aviation
  • Leadership
  • Self-discipline
  • Safe weapons handling
  • Fieldcraft
  • First aid
  • Drill and ceremonial
  • Communications and navigation skills
  • Band activities.

Learn about aviation through flying, gliding, aerospace studies, communications and navigation, air traffic control, aeromodelling, aircraft engineering, orienteering and map reading.

316SQN meet weekly (during school terms) on Friday Nights from 6pm to 10pm.

316SQN also conduct training on weekends throughout the year.

During school holidays, you can be involved in bivouacs and other specialist courses conducted at Air Force bases.

How do I get promoted?

All new cadets are recruits and have the opportunity to be promoted through the ranks after they successfully complete each training stage. Cadets are then required to attend specific training courses for each rank above Leading Cadet.

Cadets have the following promotion pattern: