CadetOne and C-log

How to use Cadet One

Cadet One is a website that the AAFC uses to display activities that you can nominate for, view your marks in class, access emergency details and see if fees have been paid. It is a requirement that all cadets use and visit Cadet One regularly.

C1 Login
This is the login page, new members will need to request a password and follow the steps provided, The service number is provided to you when you are enrolled as a cadet and should be general knowledge to the cadet as it is used often eg. cm384###, cf384###.

This is the Cadet One home page.
To view and nominate for activities go to Activites/Activity Calendar/Select Activity/Nominations/Cadet/Nominate.
To view personal details and class results go to Personnel/My Details
These are the basic parts of cadet one, any questions should be directed through the chain of command.

How to use C-log

C-log is how Cadets request for uniform and how the squadron knows what you have. When you first join you will be given the required uniform, but you will have to then order it on C-log so that the Squadron knows what you have. Logging in is much the same as Cadet One using the same password.

This is the uniform request section when you first join you will catagorize everything under initial issue, your size will be on the uniform that you have been given.
Uniform Exchange is much the same as uniform request except you are replacing damaged uniform or uniform that does not fit anymore.

Your clothing card should be a list of all the uniform that you currently have if there is something on there that you either do or don't have the equipment or assistant equipment officer should be notified straight away. Any other questions should be directed through the chain of command.

Cadet Uniform Entitlement

Below is a list of the uniform entitlements of a cadet as they appear on C-Log.

Service Dress (SD) Disruptive Pattern Uniform (DPU)
Hat Fur felt (1) Coat(shirt) DPU (2)
Chinstrap (1) Trousers DPU (2)
Blue Puggaree (1) Hat Broad Brim - soft (1)
AAFC Cap Badge (1) Heavy Weight DPU Jumper (1)
Blue/White Shirt long sleeve (Male/Female specific) (1) Boots (1 pair)
Blue/White Shirt Short sleeve (Male/Female specific) (1) Rank Slides DPU (1 pair)
Trousers SD (Male only) (1) Shirt Tags Air Force Cadet DPCU (2)
Slacks SD (Female only) (1) Green Socks (2 pairs)
Belt (1) Eagle Patch DPCU (3)
Tie (1) 316 SQN Baseball Cap (1)
Light Weight Sweater SD (1) 316 SQN Back Pack (1)
Black Socks (2 pairs)
Rank Slides SD (1 pair)
Black Shoes (1 Pair)