Getting Started

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), one of Australia’s premier youth organisations. It is the beginning of an endeavour that will see you develop your sense of leadership, self-reliance, initiative, discipline and interest in aviation.

316 Squadrons Expectations of you

As with most organisations, there are responsibilities the AAFC places on you. Some are listed below:

  • A commitment to attending Squadron activities
  • To behave in a manner that brings credit to the AAFC and yourself
  • Maintain a clean, neat and tidy standard of dress whilst in uniform
  • Carry out assigned tasks consistent with AAFC policy
  • Obey directions by members of the AAFC Adult Staff and Cadets of senior rank consistent with AAFC policy given to you
  • Treat other members with respect and to a standard one would expect others to treat you

  • What you can Expect from the AAFC

    The AAFC will provide:

    • Maximum safety to all its members
    • Actively enforce a harassment and discrimination free environment for all members
    • An established complaint and support system available to all people affiliated with the AAFC
    • Opportunities to all members to develop themselves as respected and respectful members of society
    • Competent and adequate numbers of staff to supervise all AAFC approved activities

    • Contributions

      The AAFC is actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Uniforms are supplied by the Government through the RAAF and are required to be well maintained and returned when you leave the AAFC. Accommodation, food and transport is often completely paid for on AAFC camps and courses. However, Squadrons also rely on contributions made by the members to organise activities or for purchase and upkeep of equipment.


      Members (which include cadets) of the AAFC are covered by Commonwealth Compensation and Rehabilitation whilst on approved AAFC activities. Approved activities can include:

      • Squadron training
      • Camps and courses
      • Extra curricular activities that have been approved by AAFC HQ
      • The system has been established and is run by the Commonwealth of Australia. If you suffer an injury whilst on an approved AAFC activity, make sure the Officer in Charge is notified as soon as possible, so that you can be provided with any assistance you may require. For any further information approach your Commanding Officer.

        Good Luck

        This fact sheet is provided for you and your parents to read so that all AAFC cadets will have a better understanding of the expectations placed upon them. If you would like to know more please utilise the chain of command and your section commanders will be more than happy to help you.

        Good luck in your cadet experience!