Ranks and Promotions

Promotion Courses

AAFC promotion courses aim to provide candidates with the requisite knowledge and management skills to perform the respective rank within the AAFC. Cadets who successfully complete an AAFC promotion course will be eligible for consideration for promotion to the respective rank subject to establishment vacancies, and upon recommendation by their Commanding Officer.

The selection process at our squadron involves:
• An interview, questioning the nominees on their understanding of the course they are attending and the rank they are aspiring to be.
• Review of the nominee's attendance to parade nights and activities.
• Observation of the cadet to see if they have the qualities of the rank they are trying to achieve.

More details about Promotion Courses and the subjects taught see the Mode of Grounds Training, Part 4:
a. JNCO Course Chapter 3
b. SNCO Course Chapter 4.
c. CWOFF Course Chapter 5.
d. CUO course Chapter 6.