About Us

About Us

316 (City of Lake Macquarie) Squadron (SQN) is part of the Australian Air Force Cadets.

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) is a youth oriented organisation that is administered and actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force.

The 316SQN AAFC will teach you valuable life skills and will help you develop qualities including leadership, self reliance, confidence, teamwork and communication.

Some activities undertaken by 316SQN AAFC include flying, fieldcraft, adventure training, firearms safety training, drill and ceremonial, service knowledge, aeromodelling, navigation and gliding.

Our fundamental aim is to foster qualities that will enable cadets to become responsible young adults, who will make a valuable contribution to the community. No matter what career you choose, the AAFC provides a foundation of knowledge and skills that will assist you towards your future.

316 SQN AAFC was formed in 1951, as 16 Flight Air Training Corps.

At present there are 5 staff and 3 auxiliary staff, and up to 60 cadets regularly parading with the squadron.

316SQN AAFC meet every Friday night during the school terms at Bullecourt Barracks, Military Rd, Adamstown, from 6pm to 10pm.

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Vision Statement

The Australian Air Force Cadets will be the premier air minded youth organisation in Australia.

Mission Statement

Develop Australian youth in a military and aviation environment.

Aims of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC)

The aim of the Australian Defence Force Cadets, which includes the AAFC, is “By predominantly voluntary effort, to better equip young people for community life by fostering initiatives, leadership, discipline and loyalty through training program s which are also designed to stimulate an interest in a particular arm of the Defence Force.”

From this, the following specific aims have been developed:

  • To give cadets a foundation of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) knowledge and discipline
  • To develop qualities of leadership, self-reliance and initiative
  • To develop character and good citizenship in the widest sense
  • To develop an interest in the RAAF and aviation generally
  • To instil a knowledge of aviation history, and
  • To encourage cadets to continue an active interest in aviation into their adult life.

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These are the values that the Australian Air Force Cadets expects its members to uphold:

  • Display honest commitment to the AAFC values
  • Strive for excellence as both leaders and followers
  • Be fair to and respect the rights of others
  • Encourage diversity in all its forms
  • Communication in an open and honest manner.
  • Honour

    High respect, reputation, good name, adherence to what is right, or a conventional standard of conduct.


    Truthfulness, fair and just in character or behaviour.


    “Moral courage”, concerned with goodness of human character or behaviour, with the distinction between right and wrong, conforming to accepted standards of human behaviour, and general codes of content.


    Moral uprightness, honesty and wholeness.


    True or faithful to a duty or obligation steadfast in allegiance.


    The combined action of working together as a group or team for a common cause.


    Loyalty to our nation – Australia.